Our Party Boat Experiences

Our Party Boat Experiences

About our Party Boat Experiences

About our Party Boat Experiences

Board directly from our marina conveniently located on the Bay!
Don’t waste your time on a boat driving down the river or meeting up at someone’s house, restaurant etc…!!!

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  • Join our daytime party boat adventure in Miami's bay, where our professional crew ensures your safety while you enjoy the mansions and inflatable toys in the water.

  • Experience Miami's nightlife in style with our sunset and nighttime party boat. Dance, drink, and socialize with friends before heading to the clubs.

  • Celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party in style aboard our yacht. It's an unforgettable experience you won't want to miss!

A group of people enjoying a sunny day in a tropical water setting, some on a boat and others in the water, all posing for a photo with raised hands.

Board onto our Party boat located right on Miami’s bay and our experienced crew will take you to a party island only accessible by boat where you can splash into the bay, dance, and soak up the sun. This Booze cruise is like no others! Bring your friends and will take care of the rest!

Group of people enjoying a day out in the ocean, posing for a photo with city skyline in the background.

Ever wondered what it would be like to party on the water, under the radiant sun, and engulfed by the breathtaking beauty of Miami Bay? Forget the usual nightclubs, we are here with something truly unique to offer. Boat parties are one of the most sought-after experiences in Miami, making your celebration moments even more special.

People enjoying a sunny day on a floating dock with inflatable rafts in the water near a city skyline.

Imagine basking in the warm Miami sun, the ocean breeze in your hair, surrounded by rhythmic music and a vibrant crowd. Your weekends just got a whole lot exciting with the Aqua Party Boat, an unparalleled waterborne experience that has set its sails every summer weekend!

Guest reviews

Gabrielle Soto
April 15, 2023

Jeff was very nice and made us feel comfortable. He gave clear instructions and a great mansion tour. The yacht was clean and comfortable as well.

Jennifer Ashburn
April 15, 2023

Had an amazing time would recommend to everyone

Christine Hammer
April 15, 2023

Jeffrey was great!!! Def will return!!

Vick Gupta
April 8, 2023

Hayes and Brooks were absolutely amazing hosts. Was there for a joint 30th birthday party and they facilitated usb amazing time. 10/10

Paden Skinner
April 7, 2023

Amazing time. Hayes and David were awesome guides!

Ethan Shores
April 7, 2023

They were the best


N°1 priority

Safety is our main priority. We operate out of commercial dock and follow strict safety guidelines.


Professionally maintained

Our boats comply with all US COAST GUARDS Regulations and are inspected yearly by their officers.


Trained & experienced

Our captain and crew have more than 8 years of experience in the Bay of Miami and know the best anchorages.